~Editor's Note~

Jolie Stumpff, Grade 12

Being the student editor for The Dragon has been one of the greatest honors of my life. Working alongside students from all age ranges and reading the finest lines and smallest pixels of their stories has given me insight into the human condition that can never be replicated. In 2020, I found a new home at The Altamont School and solace in creative writing classes. My little escape turned into a passion when I was asked to be the editor of the first ever publication of The Dragon. With little to no magazine design experience, I created the 2021 Volume on Microsoft Word and worked with my peers and Mrs. Katherine Berdy to perfect the innerworkings of the article. This year, I leapt out of my comfort zone again when Mr. Dominguez, the director of technology, pitched a new template for all future student publications. This year’s edition of The Dragon is the first ever, fully digitized, website-based version and gives students the opportunity to access their published work with just the click of a button. I am so excited to present the launch the future of literary publications for The Altamont School and to highlight the stories that reside in each student’s work. This publication is incredibly unique and emulates the experiences of the changing world that this generation has been captivated in. The two years that I have spent as the editor for The Dragon will forever remain as some of the best of my life. It has been an honor and a privilege to represent The Altamont School in sharing the wonderful creativity of Altamont students. I leave Altamont with a heavy heart full of memories and a vast love for the arts and students that create it. 


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