Creative Shutdown

Valeria Blanco, Grade 9

Wheels turning 

Lightbulbs glowing 

Hands shaking 

Head aching 

Heart racing 

Ideas overflowing 

The stories inside, ongoing 

Feet running 

Computer opening 

Lots of clicking 

But no typing 

No thinking 

No words gently flowing 

No ideas pouring 

Mind racing 

Hands fidgeting 

There is no writing 

Just a person stressing 

Over nothing 

Its writer’s block, a normal thing 

Eye's Through A Looking Glass

Savitri Sasse, Grade 11

Head on Collision

Ava Buckingham, Grade 11

Writer's Block

Lauren Prince, Grade 9

Wracking my brain, 

Themes, themes, themes. 

There are so many options to write about 

Yet nothing seems interesting. 

5, 20, 30 minutes pass, 

Suddenly it has been an hour  

My mind still frantically flips through the

book of my empty ideas 

Time ticks away like molasses in an hourglass. 

As my fingers wander the keyboard, 

I realize everything I have written is meaningless 

And I delete the phrases on the page, 

Leaving it as white as a polar bear in a snowstorm. 

The bright screen burns my eyes, 

Endless cycle of typing, deleting 



Exhausted, I begin to give up, 

But suddenly an idea flutters into my mind, 

Through my body and into my fingers. 

As if they had been electrocuted with the new thought, 

My fingers swiftly tap, tap, tap on the keys. 

Content with my draft, 

Excitedly I edit. 


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