The Rainy Life of the Weather Named Stormy

Payton Daniels, Grade 7

Once upon a day, there was a weather called Storm. His friends called him Stormy. Well, they would if he had any. Stormy is a very lonely weather. The other weathers didn’t like to talk to him because he always looked grumpy and mean. He couldn’t help looking the way he looked. Everyone left him and wouldn’t even talk to him. It’s pretty much expected for him to look so upset. All the other weathers thought his mind was clouded. When he would ask a weather for help with a problem in class, they would run, glide, and float away from him. 

He couldn’t help looking the way he looked.

Stormy’s parents, Thunder and Lightning, didn’t know what was going on with Stormy at school. His parents weren’t like him when they were young weathers. Thunder, his father, wasn’t popular among the female weathers because he was always too loud. But the male weathers liked him because of his booming laugh and fun, carefree personality. Lightning was popular among all the weathers in her grade. Even the teachers were blinded by her light. Stormy didn’t know if he could even be a quarter of what his parents were.

One day, a new weather glided into the classroom. Her name was White Snow. She was absolutely gorgeous! Every male weather’s jaw dropped to the earth, and they all just stared at her. 

Soon, though, something happened that made them all gray with anger. White Snow walked across the classroom to sit next to Stormy. He stared at her in disbelief. But it was the only seat available anyway. So, it made no sense for any of them to be that mad. White Snow caught Stormy’s eye. As soon as he saw her looking at him, he turned away and blushed (as much as a grey cloud could). She giggled at him. He couldn’t help but feel misty inside. Someone had actually looked at him and smiled. He peeked at her and gave a small grin back. This enraged the other male weathers even more.

For the next few days, Stormy found himself hanging out with White Snow. Usually, White Snow would just come up to him and start talking to him randomly whenever she got the chance. 

She made his life more worth living.

Before White Snow, Stormy would always do everything alone. She made his life more worth living. He felt so much brightness in his soul. If he could, he might’ve erupted a rainbow of happiness. He just couldn’t get enough of her constant attention. The teachers noticed this and would often pair Stormy and White Snow into groups together. 

He got so used to White Snow being around that he didn’t think about what school would be like if she were away for a few seasons. He hadn’t known that the only thing keeping the males from confronting him was the cold front known as White Snow. They were just rumbling to come up to him and say what they’d been wanting to say for weeks.

So, on the first day when White Snow officially wasn’t around, they went up to him and cornered him during their breaks. They told him that if he didn’t stay away from White Snow, he would have some rainy days. He was scared out of his mind, so he hastily agreed to stay away from White Snow. The jealous male weathers told him to ask the teacher if he could switch seats with one of the guys. The teacher was suspicious of his sudden seat change request because Stormy had sat in the same seat for two years, plus, he’d been sitting next to his only friend. But the teacher didn’t say anything and let him trade seats with one of the other male weathers. 

The day White Snow came back, she was surprised to see that Stormy was in another seat and was replaced by the weather named Hale. She didn’t like him much. She thought he was creepy and mean. Whenever he came around, he would always make her unhappy. He would always rain on her parade, she could say.

At the end of classes, she tried to talk to Stormy. But he immediately darted out the door as soon as he heard her soft voice. She also tried to talk to him at lunch the next day. But, as soon as he heard her voice, he ran away again. This went on for a week. It was annoying White Snow through the clouds. 

That next Monday, she just couldn’t take it anymore. 

As soon as she talked, she knew what was going to happen. But this time, she was ready. As soon as he tried to run away, she grabbed him and said, “What’s the big deal?”

“What are you talking about?” he asked. But he was obviously sweating rain drops. 

“Why are you avoiding me?” she asked.

It was like her eyes were truth potions. He couldn’t hold back from telling her. It was almost exactly as she expected. 

She ended up telling the principal about the weathers who bullied Stormy and forced him to say away from his friend. Those weathers got publicly told off in front of the whole school and were suspended for a week and a half. 

“White Snow, why don’t you run away from me or think I’m weird?” Stormy asked her that day. 

“Because everyone has a weird or unusual side of themselves even if they don’t want to admit it. Some may think you’re not as important as them, but the truth is, you’re better than all of them. Because you freely show your difference. You may not be too proud of it, but you should be.”

The clouds had finally broken on Stormy’s rainy life. A light had shown through the grey and pushed past all of its windy obstacles. The sun was finally appearing, making that stormy day brighter that it had ever been. Stormy knew there’d be times where he’d feel rainy again. But now he knew for sure that there would always be a ray of sunlight to break the clouds. 


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