Reconnecting With Nature

Chloe Shaffield, Grade 10


Lucine Carsen, Grade 10

First slivers of chariot wheels and she is summoned  

Young men’s faces are embalmed by her blush  

Kindled into fires by her oil-painted smile  

Her plush fingertips are warm and rosy  

Still glowing from the forever weight of thunderbolts  

Each nail leaves traces of ice in the clouds  

Her toes calloused from the eternal journey, her heels as frigid as hell  

With each step she treads on knives,  

Lifted across the rainbow vapors she must not touch  

Her bones are brittle, but her glow hides the greenstick breaks  

She is their doll to undress from sunrise  

Chartreuse lip-gloss glosses over her scars  

Fuchsia silk dreams away her face  

As they hide her ash-dark irises, her unfathomable pupils, from Helios’s light  

Ghost bones, doll bones,  

Crystalline calcium so beautiful, as in so frail  

Too frail to pry from an iron grip  

The iron grip of man 

A man who had breathed in her charms and consumed her strength  

Men who had dressed her in iced golden shackles and stolen her everything  

And now she must trail in the wake, must obey  

Must hide her spearhead barbs with sunlight and stardust  

Must warm the doll bones of little boys with shreds of her own icy soul  

But somewhere beneath the paintstrokes there is a murmur  

An echo that tells her to wash it all away  

you were a summer thunderstorm

Arden Campbell, Grade 11

The hazy
Summer days – rolling across the sky 

Days are
getting longer- near time to say Goodbye 

dreadful the clouds above- Choking out the lights 


you watch the storm I think- 

How sad
to watch the Dark cover the pink 

purple streaks that usually Paint the Sky  


I worry
too about the twinkling-blinking Stars  

And the
reddish body of Martial Mars  

That are
Smothered by the Thunder clouds 


through all the Darkness that we Saw- 

distracted by the Shadows on your jaw  

And the
Reveries within your lips 


just as Zeus slashes across the skies- 

I see
the Truth reflected in your eyes-  



Of all
the Stars within the wine-dark Night  

shine most Brilliantly and Bright-  

Yet you
are Not the star for me 


I take a
breath- this Revelation is too much- 

then for sure I can never Touch 

Super Novas of your fingertips 


been holding on to you for so Long  

That my
fingers have gone Numb- I was wrong-  

I could
Never really have you 


And now
I see the Destruction I’ve left in your wake  

Given for so long but all you do is Take-Take-Take  

And now
I am all Alone 


I have
Wasted away at the Altar of You  

And now
the Rot has taken over the pews  

And the
bread is stale- the wine is soured  


have I done? What did I do? 

I broke
Myself to fit into You-  

didn’t you stop me? 


weeps tears of golden ichor  

As my
Love for you begins to Flicker -  

But yet-
I’ll Always love you 

Reconnecting With Self

Mary Carter Laney, Grade 10


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