Parker Denson, Grade 10

Some say that one is the loneliest number. 

I think two is worse.  

Two is one with more responsibility.  

Two is less time, 

Less energy, 

Less happiness.  

When you’re two you are just a lonely as one, 

Just a little bit more anxious, 

A little bit more obsessed.  

Everyone that’s one wishes they were two,  

And everyone that’s two will wish they were one, 


That’s just the nature of the game, 

Everyone wants what they don’t have.  


Travis Franklin, Grade 10

Heart Handles

Maggie Langloh, Grade 10

Early Birds

Reese Jeffrey, Grade 10

I wake up with the friend of continuity  

I even beat it by a few hours in the season of snow 

I break my fast with the radio of nature 

And sip dark magic with the groggy sky 


I look out the glass and see a haze 

A waking world not yet burdened with purpose of day 

Singing whirs as switches are flipped and keys turned 

And suddenly the sphere of life is awake 


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