Those Butterfly Wings

Cate Axton, Grade 7

A drain clogged up 

with old metal stained red,

In wasted efforts

to repair those butterfly’s wings.

Thirty days marked on a calendar

A month away from that pain

With bandages wrapped around

Those butterfly’s wings.

And though they are fragile

The will is steel

And they will be repaired

I won’t let that butterfly die

And I won’t let them wither away,

Those butterfly’s wings.

But though solace was found

While the wings fell on the ground

It was always temporary

But the greatest happiness

Will be found

When I watch that butterfly fly away

Its wings flapping in the light. 

Beautiful and strong,

The pain will be gone

When those butterfly’s wings are repaired.


Sophie Mrug, Grade 8

Tunnel Vison

Grayson Horton, Grade 7

A Cloud

Winter McLain, Grade 8

I know my life has been easy 

hell, I’ve said so too 

but my life has dark spots 

because sometimes places you felt safe in

start to feel like a prison

where everyone is agreeing your sin 

or just some lie Satan made up in his free time 

a little lost lamb 

moving away from salvation 

They all care they told me so 

But their words stick 

Like a fly to a trap 

and on my worst days 

they come rushing back 

My life’s been easy 

That’s for sure 

But even sunny days 

Have a cloud 


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