The Beacon: 2022

Letter from the Editor:

Dear Readers,

I have spent my four years of high school reading somber news reports about global emergencies varying from global warming, refugee crises, the COVID-19 pandemic, threats to Democracy, and so many more. As these crises continue to develop and worsen, they begin to intersect and evolve into larger and even more consequential issues. In my experience, being surrounded by such grim news at a relentless rate has caused me to often falter in my hope for society; however, at times like this I am rejoiced to have publications such as The Altamont Beacon that encourage dialogue and promote students’ ideas. Through working with Heritage Panel, in Student Government, and engaging in classroom conversations, I have witnessed the great minds and ideas of Altamont students that will be reflected in the following pages.

When I was asked to join the editorial board of the Beacon earlier this school year, I excitedly said yes and am constantly honored to be a part of such a unique and talented group of editors and student contributors. The most appealing aspect of the Beacon is its mission to elevate students’ voices and allow them to share their extensive knowledge on global issues through whichever medium they feel most comfortable working with. The following pages are filled with works of art, poetry, and prose concerning this year’s topic: Intersecting Global Crises. As I finish my last few months at Altamont, I have been reflecting on the lessons that I’ve learned, the community that I have built, and the wonderful teachers that have encouraged me throughout the past eight years. I am grateful to be a part of a student body full of such responsive, engaged, and intellectual people and am delighted to have a publication like the Beacon that reflects this vibrant community.


Meghan Goyal