Mural and Interview with Maggie Huffman

By: Maggie Huffman and Class of 2022

1. What inspired you to spearhead this project?

Well, Anna Grace is the real mastermind behind the project. She helped come up with the ideas and concepts, and I just interpreted them on paper. I wanted to make something that incorporated all the themes that she gave me in a way that was natural and creative, but also something that could be visually pleasing - hence the warm-toned color scheme of the woman.

2. When coming up with your initial idea for this mural, what did you take into consideration?

I was given a lot to work with, and I felt that each idea was worth expressing - so trying to represent each key theme was most important to me. I tried to find ways where all the themes could come together in a work of art, but in a way so they wouldn’t clash with each other. I settled on incorporating each element into the flowing hair of this lady. She tells a story by simply existing - the pandemic, climate crisis, mental health, etc. are all held within the framework of this woman.

3. While finalizing the overall design, what do you hope your audience takes away from viewing the artwork? In other words, what message(s) are illustrated through this work?

I want viewers to see all that we have been through, not just as a class, but as a global community and understand that the hardships we have faced are real - and remain as such; but I also want viewers to see hope and determination within the work. While we have all dealt with so much in these past couple of years, there will always be light in dark places.

4. Is there something specific about his medium, a mural, that lets you express what you wanted to express? Why do you think it is important to have this message painted specifically on the walls of a school?

Paint is such a fun medium for me, and the big ‘canvas’ was especially fun to work with. There’s just so much room! I think that the extra space was needed in order to express the idea of the mural fully. It’s a lot of big ideas coming together in one place! And I think that the school wall was the perfect environment to express this. It gives the piece a permanent audience - from the kids on the field, to those who come outside for some fresh air.

5. In your view, how has the mural been received by the community?

I think it’s been fairly well received. The feedback that I’ve gotten continues to be positive.

Maggie Huffman and Class of 2022

About Maggie: My name is Maggie Huffman and I'm a senior at Altamont! Art has always been one of my favorite past times. I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing! Aside from art, I am a total nerd. I love all things Star Wars and I'm a huge fan of all kinds of animation. When I'm not drawing or re-watching Star Wars, I'm participating in my second favorite past time: riding my horse, Cecil.

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