The Beacon

The Altamont Beacon is a student journal whose goal is to document the feelings and beliefs of the time in a way that highlights the kind of independent thinking and innovative ideas nurtured at Altamont within the framework of an academic journal. In this journal, we welcome work from 8th-12th grade students from a wide range of disciplines, perspectives, and subject areas that speak to social and political phenomena. While we will publish work of a variety of forms (e.g. formal research paper, poetry, art, philosophy), the journal mission is narrowly tailored.

The Altamont Beacon is an homage to Ida B. Wells-Barnett. An advocate for women’s suffrage and civil rights, and an investigative reporter who made white mob violence public, Wells-Barnett was determined to tell the truth about America. For doing so, she was labeled a ‘slanderous and dirty-minded mulatress’ by The New York Times, lived under constant threat, and faced continuous efforts to deny her a chance at a livelihood. But still, she told the truth.

2021-2022 Editors: Alex Melonas, Lisa Daniels, Alesha Dawson, Casey Gillespie, Greyson Parham '22, Meghan Goyle '22, Lucine Carsen '24, and Ariel Dean '23.

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