The Acta Diurna's Mission Statement and Core Staff



Friday, September 10, 2021
The Acta Diurna's Mission Statement and Core Staff

The term Acta Diurna, “daily acts” or “daily public records,” dates back to Ancient Rome. Information carved in metal or stone, their purpose was to record and share official business and important public affairs. We, the students, want this service to live on in Altamont’s The Acta Diurna. Our goal is for this online publication to be an honest reflection of Altamont students’ work, thought, and lives. It will be whatever the students want it to be, not a program dictated by teachers, but a newspaper for students, by students. The Acta Diurna will strive to explore and illuminate our world and the vital issues that shape it.

Spring 2023 Core Staff:

Andrew Herrin, Editor and Reporter

Isabelle Taylor, Editor and Reporter

David Borasino, General Assignment Reporter

George Benson, Sports Reporter

Cruz Cunill, Sports Reporter

Alden DuMontier, Reporter and Foreign Affairs Commentator

Akshay Gaddamanugu, General Assignment Reporter

Jack Hoover, Sports Reporter

Campbell Hughey, Reporter and Lifestyles Writer

Frasier Horton, Reporter and Sports Editor

Emily Isbell, Reporter

Joe Porter, Reporter and Sports Editor

John-Nathan Rosborough, Sports Reporter

Vinay Yerramsetti, Contributing Editor and Reporter

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