Some Quick Tips for Helping People Who Might Be Spiraling

Emily Isbell

Emily Isbell

Monday, May 1, 2023
Some Quick Tips for Helping People Who Might Be Spiraling

In light of recent mass shootings, a questions keeps popping up: “What do you do if you know someone is mentally unwell and a danger to others but won’t get help?” That question really stuck out to me. It's a hard one. What can someone do? Well, I did a little research and here is some of what I found.

1: Offer them help.  

Tell them you are worried and ask if something is going on. Be honest.

2: Inform people close to them. 

By telling the person or people whom they know and trust (for example, parents or school counselors), it may help them to realize they need help. 

3: You can call the National Suicide Prevention lifeline at 988. There's more information here.  

4: If all else fails and you think thee person may hurt someone, call the police. 

It may be hard to call the police on someone you love, but that is better than this person hurting themselves or someone else.  

Sometimes people need help and refuse to get it, but it is important to know what to do. 

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