Review: Tyler, The Creator's IGOR Deserves Its Awards

Campbell Hughey

Campbell Hughey

Friday, February 10, 2023
Review: Tyler, The Creator's IGOR Deserves Its Awards

Photo by Chase Fade, courtesy of Unsplash.

Tyler, the Creator's album IGOR is about something most people can relate to: the struggles in any kind of relationship. And he produced the whole thing himself, making his success even more impressive. Also known as Tyler Okonma, his IGOR earned him a Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2020. To say the least, this album is unique. I would argue it does not fit into any genre because the songs are all different. Each is amazing in its own way.

Below are descriptions of each song on the album with ratings on a scale of 1 to 10.

IGOR'S THEME: The perfect song to start an album. At first, the lyrics don't seem deep, but the more you listen and think about them, the more you realize there's more there. This song was put at the beginning of the album because it sounds so unique. Check it and you'll see. 9/10 

EARFQUAKE: The most popular song on the album because of its catchy lyrics, especially in the chorus. This song also has a serious meaning. It is about losing a relationship with someone he loved and blaming it all on himself. 8/10

I THINK: This song is noteworthy because Tyler samples the track of a Nigerian disco artist Bibi Mascel and makes it fit with his lyrics perfectly. This song describes the unstable, unnerving feeling of committing to a relationship. 9/10

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: This is a very peaceful song where Tyler confesses how worn out he is in his relationship and that it's only a matter of time before he ends it. Frank Ocean singing in the background, the beat, and Tyler speaking his mind make this song a 10/10.

NEW MAGIC WAND: In this song Tyler describes why he thinks relationships are hard. He comments on the decision to commit to a relationship and stressing over whether the other person feels the same as he does. Most people who like this song like it because of the fast-paced, well-known beat. 9/10

A BOY IS A GUN*: This song is about how dangerous people can be. Tyler also gives voice to the hardships of trying to share opinions because they are always being shot down. This song has a great chorus and good vocals. 10/10

PUPPET: This song is about being taken advantage of and being controlled. Tyler talks about how hard it is to speak up for yourself when being controlled. Tyler was trying to give listeners the confidence they need to speak for themselves. 9/10

WHAT'S GOOD: This song does not have much meaning behind the lyrics but was added to IGOR as a fast-paced dance track that everybody would enjoy. 8/10

GONE, GONE/ THANK YOU: This is my favorite song on the album. It is six minutes and 15 seconds long and every part of it is amazing. The first four minutes are slow with specific vocals and expresses losing feelings for someone. Some of this is sampled from indie rocker Cullen Omori. That first section is calming and peaceful. Near the middle of the fourth minute, all sounds cut off and a deep voice talks about how wasted potential crushes someone's spirit. A few moments after the deep voice cuts off, the second part of the song starts, which I think is the best part of the entire album. The vocals are sampled from Japanese soft rock musician Tatsuro Yamashita, but they're re-engineered to be a higher pitch. The final two minutes of this song deserves a 10/10 by itself.

Tyler, The Creator is -- true to the name -- creative and unique. He has achieved a lot through his music. He deserves his two Grammys and many more. 

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