Photo Gallery: Altamont-Ramsay Heritage Panel Exchange

Frasier Horton

Frasier Horton

Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Photo Gallery: Altamont-Ramsay Heritage Panel Exchange

Photos by Dan Carsen

Altamont’s and Ramsey High School’s Heritage Panels recently took part in a two-day exchange program. Panelists and faculty from both schools traveled to the other for team-building, fun, and frank discussions about stereotypes, inequity, and other issues students face. As a result, Ramsay and Altamont will collaborate on several projects in the near future. Check these photos chosen by Acta Diurna reporter, sports editor, and photo editor Frasier Horton.

7425 Trust Walk 3 by bench.JPG7401 Trust Walk Hoop Hall.JPG

Above: Learning to trust: Altamont Heritage Panelists lead Ramsay High School panelists over and through some tricky obstacles during a trust walk.

Below: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Tournament drama!

7379 RPC Victory.JPG7375 Karrington RPC.JPG7387 RPC Fun.JPG

Below: Tours and deep conversation at Altamont.

4515 Lisa With Tour.JPG7483 Camille Shows Tech.JPG7490 Huge Theater Area.JPG7473 CKC.JPG7536 Deep Talk.JPG

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