A Graduating Senior Reflects on His Life at Altamont

Campbell Hughey

Campbell Hughey

Friday, April 28, 2023
A Graduating Senior Reflects on His Life at Altamont

Soon-to-graduate Altamont senior Jaison Perkins hustling on the field. Contributed photo.

Senior Jaison Perkins is well known at Altamont, only partly because he's a varsity soccer captain. With graduation looming, The Acta Diurna interviewed him about his experiences as a Knight. 

Hughey: What is your favorite memory at Altamont? 

Perkins: Ninth grade project week to Disney. Everyone set a tone for the next four years, everyone got close. I met some of my best friends, Fin Pak, Clayton Hemingway, Walker Wilson, Oliver Gettinger, and Richard Terrell. Fall Project Week is very special and is a great aspect of Altamont.  

What is your favorite thing overall about Altamont? 

There is so much growth and learning outside of school. I also think they try to make the age gap smaller through certain activities. I love having the family dynamic and culture and seeing everyone.  

[New headmaster Cecil] Stodghill is going to help Altamont reach new heights. I love that man! He calls himself the general and as long as he’s steering the ship, I think Altamont is in good hands. I think he is the perfect thing for Altamont. He is exactly what the school needed to bring in faith [that we would be] moving forward.   

Also, Altamont has a lot of opportunities for leadership. There is class SGA [Student Government Association] and executive SGA, and the Miree Center. I feel that I have fulfilled a lot of leadership opportunities in and outside of the school.  

Have you experienced being a leader on the soccer team?  

With soccer for the first two years, I was just normal. But, in my junior year I [became] captain. I really try to help the younger kids to keep Altamont thriving and to keep Altamont and the soccer program going in a good direction. It is what was done for me in the older classes so I feel like I should do that too.   

Is senior year different from any other grade? 

Senior year is most definitely different from any other grade. It has been a stressful year making difficult decisions, but I have had the time of my life inside the school. It is really nice to be depended on and being a leader. I have made a lot of great memories with my friends.

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